without the conscious perception of some unit of time (say a second), there’s only sequence of state changes. “Time” is our notion of the speed of these state changes and also used as an artificial tool/index to describe the relationship between state changes between different “objects”, but the speed of…

dear friends!

A slight shudder always rings through my conscious whenever I have to grok and reason about anything to do with nutrition or diet. At the same time — it’s one of the most important areas of study for obvious reasons AND it’s one of the fields most improperly…

(old, from 2019) First hitchhiking experience!

Photo of the actual truck I hitchhiked in

“Hey sorry but are you headed east?”

“East? No I’m not.”

“Hey are you guys going towards the east side of LA?”

“Oh we just got here. Are about to check in”

I’ve been cost cutting and on this Thanksgiving weekend, after flying in to LAX from SFO and enduring…

If you’re fundamentally optimistic about the future (envisioning a world where technological progress continues marching on, standard of living continues to rise, novelty of experiences expand, and science enables the unimaginable), here’s a proposition:

Assuming the optionality to live an addition unit of time is worth something no matter how…

Co-written with my lil brother, Andrew Liu!

DENNIS(42) is wearing a grey shirt with dirt covered jeans. TIMOTHY(11) is wearing a graphic tee shirt with cargo shorts and some beat up runners.


DENNIS has his back faced toward the road, throwing dirt into a deep…

These terms may not overlap as much as it seems. A longevity-maximizing action may actually feel like it’s a bad health/fitness state, and vice versa.

A fasting state has a lot of evidence pointing towards increased longevity. Additionally, in various circumstances, a low metabolism state points at increased longevity. Both…

This is part of a series of writings mainly for my friends and coworkers who have asked me about my eating / health habits and since I found myself repeating the same spiel.

First and foremost, the benefits of keto have been striking for me but I hesitate to proactively…

David Liu

hey u! :} ml eng, yale alum, @mavysavydav on Twitter. (mavysavydav.substack.com) || (mavysavydav.github.io)

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